Why Naidu invited Lagadapati ?

13 September 2017

Though Lagadapati Rajagopal has been repeatedly stating that he will stick to his promise, he could not put a full stop to the AP public’s curiosity. People are still looking at this business tycoon as an active politician. Whenever this former Congress Vijayawada MP attends any public meetings or whenever meets with any politician the noises naturally raise among the public and as well as the political circles.  When Lagadapati met with the AP CM Chandrababu back in April-2017 to discuss about the business approvals for the expansion of his Lanco company, people thought that he is planning for his political reentry through TDP.


Now again on Tuesday, Lagadapati met the Andhra Pradesh CM on at the AP Secretariat in Amaravati. After the meeting, Lagadapati briefed media about why he had to come & meet Chief Minister in Amaravati. Lagadapati, speaking to the press, told - 'I have come to meet CM Babu only because he invited me' and he also went to offer a comment saying that 'the meeting did not involve a political discussion'.


Lagadapati further declined a media person's question about whether he conducted any pre-poll survey after Nandyal by-election. Then Lagadapati answered that only Chandrababu invited him. The next question was 'why did Chandrababu Naidu invited him to Amaravati secretariat? What discussion did they had? Whether Chief Minister asked Lagadapati to re-join politics in Telugu Desam Party?' But to keep up the curious spirits of the media and public, no further details about the meeting are disclosed.


However the suspense on this former congress leader’s re-entry into politics still continues for the time being.

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