Does Vangaveeti Radha come onboard with TDP?

7 February 2016

Is Telugu Desam Party preparing a ground to bring Vangaveeti Radha Krishna on board? Looks like, TDP has been seriously exercising to get away from the recently increased uproar against them.

If TDP can have Vangaveeti Radha board the cycle, there will be a huge advantage for them in the coastal region. Most of the Kapus and followers of Vangaveeti family will be obviously turned towards the Telugu Desam Party. Of cource, there will certainly be some resistance from the overall Kapu community on this move. Since the NTR times, there has been some underlying rumor that  Chandrababu’s role in Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga’s murder. Recent auto-biography written by the senior politician Hari Rama Jogayya has also flared this rumor into the masses. So, Vangaveeti Radha’s arrival into TDP would definitely help this to neutralize the intensity of this flare. In these circumstances, there has been an extreme curiosity being built-up among the both Kapu and non-kapu communities.

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