TDP’s win at Nandyal, a cakewalk ?

22 August 2017


As the polling date is approaching in Nandyala constituency, the ruling Telugu Desam party is steadily gaining confidence to win this by-election. One of the major reasons behind this confidence is, TDP has successfully concurred the support of highly influential local families. Since the beginning of the modern political era, there are Five local families who could always direct the region’s political fate. Those families are Bhuma’s family, family of S. Pedda Yerikal Reddy (SPY Reddy), family of Gangula Pratap Reddy, family of Silpa Mohan Reddy and Yashyam Md. Farooq’s family. Among these 5 families, except Silpa Mohan Reddy who recently left TDP and joined YCP, all other 4 families are in support of TDP right now.
On top of it, Bhuma’s family has enough soft corner among the public due to the recent deaths of Shobha and Nagireddy couple leaving her daughter Akhila Priya alone in the political bay.
On the other hand, Silpa who jumped from TDP to YCP has an unpaved track record as he lost the 2014 Assembly elections contesting from the same Nandyal constituency on TDP’s ticket. Him now jumping to YCP is naturally not received by the public in a positive way. Along with this, Power Star and Jena Sena Party chief, Pawan Kalyal has also announced that he is playing a neutral role as far as Nandyal by-elections are concerned. All these things kept TDP in a comfortable and poised  situation before the elections.

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