Rohit Vemula - SC or BC?

15 February 2016

As we know how the case of Rohit Vemula’s suicide incident had become a nice tool in the hands of leftists and anti-nationalists in order to use this occasion for anti-BJP, anti-Hindu propaganda and also to show how the mainstream forward cast group is showing “intolerance” towards the backward casts people. The whole episode of Rohit’s suicide was rotated around SC/ ST atrocities and tried listing out this incident as one of the Dalit suppression occurrences. 

As the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarti Parishad (ABVP) and Dalit associations fight over Rohith’s caste, the Andhra Pradesh Police and Revenue officials began in depth inquiry about his cast and creed.

DSP Nagabhushan Rao, along with other government officials interacted with Rohith’s paternal grandparents in Gurajala, Guntur district and gathered details about his parents, his school and also the caste he belonged to. Surprisingly, Rohith’s caste credentials became a serious issue when the investigators found that Rohith’s brother Raja Chaitanya Kumar’s cast certificate belongs to a cast called Vaddera (stone crusher community) The certificate mentions Kumar’s caste as Vaddera which comes under the Backward Caste (BC) category but not the (Schedule Cast of Tribe). The ABVP stated that Rohith claimed to be a Dalit, while he actually belonged to the BC category. His family members during the media interviews and investigations mentioned that Rohit’s mother is a BC and father comes from SC background. This has added further confusion. This has to be further proved now.

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Now The National SC/ST Commission will be conducting an enquiry to findout the actual caste of Rohit Vemula in Delhi on Monday. So far, they founds out that the Guntur Tahasildar’s office had given SC certificates to the deceased scholar in 2007 and 2015. As an  SC, ST atrocity case was filed against the Union minister of India, Bandaru Dattatreya in Hyderabad by those supporting Rohit’s case, who claimed that he belonged to schedule caste community. 

In an enquiry conducted by the Telangana police officials, Rohit’s father made it clear that they belong to Vaddera caste, which is part of Backward Castes. The revenue officials of Guntur mentioned during the investigation that they have issued SC certificate to Rohit twice in the past. Adding more confusion, Rohit’s paternal grand mother, Raghavamma declared that his Son and Daughter-in-law, both are BCs.  Currently, the national SC/ST Commission will also conduct an inquiry into circumstances which were forced Rohit to commit suicide.

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