Pawan Kalyan gains political mileage

22 April 2020

During this COVID situation, Andhra Pradesh political canvas is highlighting a new sketch called Pawan Kalyan. While the ruling party and the opposition, TDP are busy with their never ending politics on various issues, Janasena has been busy in gaining good credits from the common people.


Pawan Kalyan and his cadre have been genuinely fighting against issues like when migrant Telugu People stuck in Tamil Nadu because of the COVID situation, when Odisha workers stuck in Andhra Pradesh during the lockdown, gathering the donations for the people etc. Pawan was praised by both Tamil Nadu and Odisha governments for standing along with the people through these critical times. Without showing any partiality, Pawan has also praised everyone who raised the COVID funds irrespective of from whatever the political party they are. All these positive.actions that are being performed by Pawan and his party Janasena recently started giving a good political millage to him. The politicians and bureaucrats from the neighboring states are in contact with the Janasena leader rather than being with YS Jaganmohan Reddy or Chandrababu Naidu. Hopefully, Andhta Pradesh people will remember Pawan until the next general elections.



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