Pawan Kalyan advice to TDP on Kapu Agitation

7 February 2016

Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan responded on the Kapu agitation which is spereheaded by Mudragada Padmanabham. This time he took to twitter to express his views.

He mentioned that it is the responsibility of the present TDP government to live up the promises it made during the election time. On his twitter handle @PawanKalyan, he mentioned that,” I request TDP Govt to engage in direct talks with the Kapu Leaders spearheading the ongoing Reservation issue, which was an election promise originally made by TDP. A group of balanced intellectuals should be entrusted with the responsibility of finding a mutually acceptable solution before it juggernauts into an uncontainable situation”

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Unlike everyother opposition leader Pawan Kalyan didn’t mentioned to grant the BC status but he mentioned to immediately constitute a committee to look into the matter, but the question is will this proposal acceptable to Kapu Leaders as they have already stated that this time they won’t step back unless Kapu Community is immediately included into BC list and granting 1800 crores to Kapu corporation. 

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