Nandyal bi-elections: YCP men caught with money

20 August 2017

Nandyala by-elections is now has become the epicenter of the state politics in AP. This has taken the most important seat now as it is only 4 days away from the election date. So much hype has been added to this event as the ruling TDP and Jagan’s opposition party, YSRCP has taken these elections so deeply. Apparently, YSR Congress Party leaders are getting into the fear of losing the elections and naturally they are getting into a point to buy votes.


The news has been lingering that in many areas, YSRCP party workers are allegedly tempting voters with money. Police have arrested at least 25 people on Friday who are caught read handed while distributing money to the voters in Nandyal. Among the officials who are arrested are not limited to ex Kadapa Mayor who is also Jagan's uncle, Ravindranath Reddy's PA, two counsellors from Pulivendula, party leaders from Rayachoti, Badvel and few others from Nandyal etc. A considerable amount of money is seized from the YSCRCP members so far. On the other hand, their leader, Jagan has been in his natural mood and election campaign mode, giving speeches about morals, ethics, justice etc.

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