Mudragada's hunger strike Day 3 – Updates

7 February 2016

Mudragada Padmanabham’s fasting entered into the 3rd day at his home in Kirlampudi. He again emphasized and made it clear that unless the Government keeps-up its promise by making a move on including Kapus in the BC list, he will not give-up his Deeksha even if he dies while doing it. As of Sunday Morning, Mudragada’s health is stable but his wife, Padma who is also participating in the fast along with Mudragada is suffering with high-blood pressure and low-sugar levels. Mudragada denied to conduct medical tests to him and his wife.

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In order to avoid any interruption to his Deeksha, he again went into his home and locked the doors. Government is closely monitoring the situation and would see to forcefully take him and his wife to the hospital in case if his or her health condition further deteriorates.

The situation in the coastal districts, especially in the Godavari districts continue to be sensitive, Government has already arranges sufficient police force in order to be ready for any unwanted mishaps by keeping the recent Tuni’s incident into the consideration.

Many district leaders of Kapu community associations are also launching relay hunger strike to extend their solidarity to Mudragada Padmanabham

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