It’s over, Mudragada ends hunger strike

8 February 2016

Mudragada Padmanabham ended his indefinite fast after he got “assurances” from the Andhra Pradesh government, including allocation of Rs 1000 crore annually to Kapu welfare corporation.

The breakthrough came after K Atchannaidu, Minister for Labour, TDP state unit president K Kala Venkat Rao and party MLAs - Thota Trimurthulu and NVS Varma - held talks with Padmanabham at his native village Kirlampudi in East Godavari.

Kala Venkat Rao and Atchannaidu offered lime juice to Padmanabham, who has been fasting along with his wife, some family members and supporters. Later Mudragada padmanabham mentioned that government has assured him that it would obtain the report of commission on backward classes (for inclusion of Kapus in BCs), within seven months instead of nine, if possible, and allocate Rs 1000 crore annually to Kapu (welfare) corporation from next year. Government requested Padmanabham and Kapu leaders also to be a part of discussion on the decision of Kapu reservation.

Apart from that government will set up the commission to study the issue of reservations for the community and it is expected to submit its report within nine months.The government would separately provide Rs 500 crore this year and accept all the applications made this year to Kapu Corporation by the community members for benefits, he said.

Also, government would be judicious in dealing with the police cases registered in connection with the violence that erupted during a rally organised by Padmanabham on January 31.Government would see that no injustice would be done to the Backward Classes in the process of providing reservation to Kapus.

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But many say that the much hyped fast unto death by Mudragada ended in as a flop show. The movement suddenly caught everyone’s attention after the Tuni agitation and everyone thought it would snowball into a big movement. But to everyone’s surprise Mudragada ended fast without achieving much.

Government “assurances” on BC report and 1000 crore fund are the two things that government has clarified even before starting the indefinite fast unto death by Mudragada. Political analysts say that Mudragada really wasted the golden opportunity of giving a new direction to Kapu Reservation movement. As of now, Chandra Babu Naidu clearly gained the upper hand in dousing the fire ignited by Kapu Agitation.

Opposition parties like YSR CP and Congress who sought to capitalize on the movement were left with no option but to keep silent. Earlier, the district police has detained former Union Minister and actor K. Chiranjeevi and PCC President N. Raghuveera Reddy at Rajahmundry Airport and another former Union Minister Dasari Narayana Rao was confined to a Anand Regency Hotel surrounded by police. 

On the other note, Mudragada propelled the Kapu movement and had shown the government not to neglect on the promised made before elections. Only time will provide answers now. 

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