If Jagan wishes, TDP Government falls in an hour !!!

19 February 2016

Right, after the bifurcation of AP state, people elected Chandrababu as their CM by giving votes to TDP. Of-course, even YSRCP kind of parties also did well more than deserved during those elections due to the extreme angry shown by the people on the Congress party for their unfair game of dividing Andhra Pradesh.

And Chandra Babu Naidu has been certainly working very hard to develop the AP state from all the directions, he is working to construct a world class capital for Andhra Pradesh etc. Somehow the opposition party leader YS Jagan has given a shocking statement recently. He stated that he can collapse the Telugu Desam Government within an hours’ time if he reveals all the names of TDP MLAs who wants to leave the party and jumps into YSRCP.He also stated that around 65 MLAs are ready right now in regular touch with him and they are to jump into YSRCP leaving TDP. We are not sure who those 65 TDP MLAs are!!!

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