Is Jagan currently in tension ?

21 February 2016

Jagan currently watching a suspense thriller movie? One of the most shocking moments Jagan has ever experienced in his life are, when he lost the elections in 2014. Since then, Jagan has been continuously trying to grasp people’s attention by attacking Chandrababu and Telugu Desam Party.

He has been trying to get more political mileage out of it but looks like YSRCP is not going to have a hold by any means in AP. Jagan himself made a comment only just couple of days ago that more than 60 TDP MLAs are in touch with him and if he wishes, he can pull the TDP government to the ground within 60 minutes. But, not sure, if TDP who has been decently silent on “operation Akarsh” is now started making some strategic sounds after Jagan’s statement.

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Right after his claim, may be TDP now wants to give a shock to Jagan by showing the power of its magnetism to YSRCP MLAs. As per the trending story, late Shobha Nagireddy's daughter and MLA Bhooma Akhila Priya and her father Bhooma Nagireddy are getting ready to join TDP soon.

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This is a huge shock to Jagan as if these two switch to TDP, at least other 8-10 YSRCP MLAs will follow them for sure. AP deputy CM, K.E. Krishnamurthy said that TDP is in touch with several YSRCP leaders and they do welcome if any of the Jagan MLAs want to join TDP. These Jagan, while he is trying to keep his people to remain in his grip, he is currently experiencing suspenseful moments of his life which decide his future.

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