Gowtham Reddy - What next ?

6 September 2017

Out of vacuum, an uninvited situation has been created. Out of blue, no one knows, why the YSRCP leader P Gowtham Reddy made such provocative comments during his speech in the public. Anyone could easily figure out that Gowtham has deliberately made those inflammatory comments on late Kapu Leader, Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga. While making such comments, he might have surely anticipated that his remarks will trigger an uproar, not only in the political circles but also poke the ugly honey nest called the cast politics. During his speech, he sounded like him supporting the killing of Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga. This statement naturally pushed Ranga’s son, Vangaveeti Radha, his mother, Vangaveeti Ratna Kumari and Kapu community into a bothersome situation. Whether it pushed them or not, AP’s print and TV media and also the other political forces triggered the usual cast sentiment among the Kapu community which further worsen the situation.

Ranga’s son Vangaveeti Radha and his followers straightaway warned Gowtham Reddy with terrible consequences if he did not take his comments made on his father back.

Though Gowtham Reddy has been instantaneously become an adversary to all the Kapus, strangely, YSRCP did not dismiss him from the party yet. Instead, he was just suspended for the time being, which did not provide any satisfaction to the party’s another leader, Vangaveeti Radha. He is upset on his party for entertaining Gowtham. Nevertheless, after all this, further continuation of the existing relationship between Gowtham Reddy and YCP has become certainly doubtful.  

With the suspension of Gowtham from the YSP, he obviously looks towards TDP or BJP or Jana Sena to keep-up with his political career.

He was originally from the Communist background, so he would not fit into BJP, he already worked with Congress, so he may not go back. The other Two options are, joining with ruling TDP or  Jana Sena. As the very core of this situation itself is anti-kapu, Pawan Kalyan cannot entertain him with his party. So, it is the Telugu Desam Party, which can ultimately handshake with Gowtham.

But however, the way cops had protected Gowtham from Ranga and his followers, the way police arrested Radha and Ratna Kumari, there were some strong indications that the ruling TDP might desire his joining into their party. But the CM, Chandrababu Naidu has to be very calculative as any tiny mistake in his forward step might terribly effect his Kapu Vote Bank. 


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