Danam Nagender quits, what’s next?

7 February 2016

Danam Nagender, president of Greater Hyderabad unit of Congress, who called the shots in the city and its surrounding areas, has resigned from the post “owning moral responsibility for the party’s dismal performance in the GHMC elections”.

He announced his decision to quit as the city Congress chief on Saturday stating that “somebody has to take the responsibility.”

He said he was sending his resignation letter to Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) president N. Uttam Kumar Reddy and AICC in-charge of party affairs in the State Digvijaya Singh.

“Although the Congress high command did not give me the total responsibility of the party for GHMC elections, I have put in hard work for party candidates’ success. But, expected results did not come as the people did not believe in our party,” Mr. Nagender said adding that there might be many reasons, including groupism and bickering, for the worst-ever defeat.

“People believed in TRS and gave it the biggest mandate,” he said. He assured that the Congress would now play the role of a constructive opposition in reminding TRS of its pre-poll promises.

Rumor in the political circles is that Nagender is making ground to jump into TRS. Publicly admiring TRS many say is to send positive signals to TRS. It is also being mentioned that Nagender even before the elections worked behind the scenes with KCR to join TRS but because of few demands like mayor candidate from his followers and important posts for his followers put a break on the negotiations. Now with all roads clear, Nagender may rethink to join TRS. 

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