Protests at Bathukamma Saree distribution centers

18 September 2017

As we all know, ruling TRS government decided to distribute Saris on the eve of Bathukamma festival. This program was launched officially on Monday across the state. Much to the surprise of the ruling party themselves, instead of getting an appreciation talk in the state, it was all about the street fights between women at distribution centers and at some women burning the sarees.


Textiles and handlooms minister K.T. Rama Rao quickly responded on the events and said that the fights and saree burning is planned by the opposition parties to defame the TRS government. He mentioned that opposition parties are becoming a road block and are obstructing the good program of distributing once crore sarees to the poor women in the state.  KTR further said that it was Telugu Desam Party that is snatching sarees from the women and burning them. KTR claimed that Sari distribution programme was a huge success and nearly 26 lakh saris have been distributed of the targeted 1.04 crore in nearly 10,000 centres in all 31 districts.


Meanwhile, Media Channels repeatedly are airing the fights among women at Saree distribution centers especially at Saraswathi Shishu Mandir in IS Sadan division in Yakutpura constituency and saree burnt incidents citing poor quality in Jagitial district and in Satthupalli.


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