Modi, the leader

28 April 2020

IANS – C Voter, Centre for Voting Opinion & Trends in Election Research has recently conducted a comprehensive survey across the nation and over 93 percent of Indians have voted and eaxpressed and that Mr. Narendra Modi is handling the Corona crisis effectively and efficiently.

Good leadership always aims for long-term goals to have a better future. These long-term plans are not usually noticed by the masses as they possess a short vision, collectively.

IAN’s survey has found out that the percentage of people who believed in Modi and his leadership was only a 76.8 the day when he gave an announcement that the country will be locked down until April 15. But he gained a lot of support and achieved a percentage of 93.5 when he second time announced that he is extending the lockdown until the 3rd of May. After looking at the facts that how the other countries around the world are handling the COVID situation, people of India are realized the way how their leader and the Indian Government has handled the Corona Virus situation how the country is being protected. 

Probably the people of India realized about Modi’s vision and his great leadership skills and his patriotism only after witnessing a tremendous rise of his popularity around the world and receiving appreciations right from Bill Gates several European nations.



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