AP High Court slams Jagan's English Vinglish

16 April 2020

Jagan did everything that he could. As soon as he became the chief minister of AP, he took a hasty decision to overwrite Telugu with English while AP’s neighboring states like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka have been meticulously trying for years to protect their respective native languages from modernization and globalization. But AP Government’s thought process was far away from protecting Telugu. Government seriously wanted to make English to be the only medium of instruction in all the Government schools from the 2020 academic year.


Back in November 2019, the State Government passed a GO (# 81 and 85) that English to be the only medium of instruction from the 1st grade to 6th grade in all the Government and private schools across the state of Andhra Pradesh by replacing its native language, Telugu. For the sake of an eye wash, they made Telugu or Urdu being a compulsory subject in the curriculum.


Everyone truly knows how proficient the English Medium students are in Telugu reading, writing and even in their verbal skills. No offence, but 75% of the English Medium students and their parents just treat Telugu only as a subject in the curriculum but not as a language or their Mother tongue. Students only focus on to cover the yearly syllabus only to pass in the final exams and to get some good marks just to improve their overall score. Everyone knows that if there is no protection, there is no further survival for any language.


However, fortunately, the Telugu Language in Andhra Pradesh has just narrowly escaped from the death sentence as the AP High Court has ruled out the government's GO of making English Medium compulsory across the board. High Court said that the option should be left to the students and parents of the students whether they chose Telugu or English Medium.


Credit goes to some extent to the BJP leaders, Sudeep Rambotla and Srinivas Guntupalli who filed the case in the court against the Government on this. The lawyers on behalf of the petitioners have argued that the students cannot withstand the pressure during the process of converting themselves from Telugu Medium to English Medium which causes chaos and negative impact in their academic progress. Long Live Telugu!!!

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