Tollywood Drugs': SIT to release second list soon???

2 August 2017

While SIT is telling that it is currently exercising to release the second list of of names including Tollywood and other public personalities in a week’s time media is propagating that pressure is on the higher officials not to reveal the names. So far, the SIT has interrogated 12 actors from Tollywood and technicians getting some vital information from them. On the other hand, allegedly, the drug mafia case that has been quaking Telugu film industry now gradually calming down.


All of a sudden, it had drawn so much attention two weeks ago, when the Special Investigation Team (SIT) first ordered film celebrities to attend the questioning sessions at Abkari Bhavan. Nandu was the last one among the 12 celebrities who were called and questioned in a span of 12 days. On Tuesday, actor Nandu was questioned for three hours which was not heavy when compared to the grill that was carried out on other celebrities before. Starting on 19th of July, SIT questioned high-level celebrities like Puri Jagannadh, Ravi Teja, Charmee, Navadeep, Subbaraju etc. In the starting, SIT made them to sit for many hours through extensive questioning, there was also talk that some of these celebrities would be arrested in the case but later the government seems to be bent down to the condemnation that it is targeting only the Tollywood film industry by leaving other bigshots business and political backgrounds. Telangana CM, KCR also stated that the cinema celebrities would be treated as only the victims but not as peddlers. As per the sources, after KCR's statement, SIT has slowing down in the process and there would not be any further notices to the cinema celebs. As per the rumors that are lingering out in the market, a ‘compromise setting’ has been took place at a ‘high-level’ to dilute the acidity that was triggered by SIT earlier.

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