Drugs Case : Telugu Film Industry letter to KCR

2 August 2017

Telugu Film Industry sent a letter to Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao requesting him to ensure the drug investigation of film personalities to be handled in a smooth way.


The Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce, Movie Artists Association, Telugu Film Producers’ Federation and Telangana State Film Chamber of Commerce jointly said in the letter that they are considering the drug investigation as an eclipse when the industry is celebrating the moments of reaching Rs 2000 crore mark.


Read : http://teluguroommate.com/cinema/tollywood-drug-case-comes-to-an-end.html


Letter highlighted the fact that Telugu Film Industry is the one that made films with the themes of good winning over the evil, hero winning over the villain and went on to say that people taking drugs will never become heroes and the film industry will take disciplinary action against them, apart from supporting the police and agencies in investigation


Letter highlighted the fact that during disasters, film industry carried the bowl and collected the money for the benefit of victims. Letter said that they are seeking sympathy from media and would appreciate the government for bringing the drug racket to light. It is also mentioned that industry has thousands of employees and workers, and impacts crores of people thus requesting to handle the matter in cases of film personalities in a smooth way.


Whatever may be the impact of the letter, CM KCR has already announced that they are looking film personalities as victims rather the peddlers. We have to wait and see how the drug investigation ends up.

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