Tips to prevent heart disease

22 January 2016

Here are the four lifestyle changes that can help you to prevent a heart disease:-

Say no to smoking

Female smokers are at a greater risk of developing a heart disease. In fact more than half of the heart attacks in women below fifty years are due to the same reason. There are numerous disadvantages of smoking cigarettes butts.

Hit a gym

If you are lethargic, lead a stressful life then there are chances that you have elevated cholesterol, blood and sugar levels. There are high chances of you developing a heart disease due to your lifestyle. So one should hit a gym and do regular exercises. One should do cardio, swimming, cycling to stay fit and healthy. Heart is itself a muscle and it needs regular exercise to stay fit. By doing the above exercises, your heart will have excellent pumping of blood throughout your body and there are extremely less chances of you developing a heart disease of any type.

Fresh fruits and vegetables

One should eat fresh fruits and vegetables. According to a research conducted it was found out that eating fresh fruits and vegetables six times a day, reduces the risk of developing a heart disease by up to twenty percent. One should also incorporate super foods such as avocados, blueberries, pumpkin seeds and black beans to maintain the overall fitness of your body.

Reduce stress

It is said that smoking and stress are silent killers. In today’s fast paced world, everyone is busy making money and pay less heed to their lifestyle and nutrition. The negligence on their part can lead to stress. Stress can cause a heart disease as it leads to the release of hormone called cortisol which leads to the elevation in blood pressure levels and affects the overall system of your body.

Source : Kitchen Platter


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