6 Simple Ayurvedic remedies for cough

13 April 2020

Though there are numerous types of coughs and numerous reasons to cough, the basic definition of cough can be defined, as “Cough is a spontaneous reaction to clear off the airways.


Type of cough broadly can be divided into Two types. Dry cough and Productive cough. Dry cough occurs when foreign particles irritates the throat surface. And productive cough happens when the mucus causes irritation in the chest which may usually lead to a respiratory infection, allergies, bronchitis or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. There are several medicines available that are used to suppress the cough or eradicate the root cause (infection) of the cough. But there are no specific recommendations in the English medicine.


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If we think about Ayurveda, it shows us its extraordinary healing power through several simple ways. Ayurveda says a cough is caused by the excess assemblage of kapha rasa and pitta rasa in the chest cavity or bronchial tree as a result of which chest congestion, irritation etc arises. Below, few of such methods are as follows. There are many simple ayurvedic remedies which can be done at home for Dry Cough. 


Dry cough:

(1) Eat a portion or a full banana along with ONE Teaspoon of honey and 2 pinches black pepper. Have this combination for 2-3 times per day.

(2) Boil One Cup of Milk with a Half Teaspoon of turmeric (పసుపు) and Quarter Teaspoon of ginger(అల్లం). Make it hot and have a glass of this milk in the night before sleep. You will end-up with an amazing healing of your throat congestion and irritation by getting away from the cough.

(3) Eating One Quarter Teaspoon of ajwain (వాము) with natural organic sugar (చక్కెర).


Productive cough:

(1) The simplest Ayurvedic remedy for a productive cough is also black pepper, eat a Quarter black pepper powder with One Teaspoon of Organic honey (తేనె) OR ghee (నెయ్యి). This is greatly help you to come out of your husky dry throat.

(2) Make a hot Tea with a Half Teasoom of Ginger with a pinch of clove (లవంగం) and cinnamon powder (దాల్చిన చెక్క పొడి) in boiled water. Have this 2-3 cups per day.

(3) Mix a Half Teaspoon of ground mustard powder (ఆవాల పొడి) and a Half Teaspoon of ground ginger) (అల్లం, mixed into a Teaspoon of honey and take into mouth slowly. Eat it 2-3 times a day.




Do follow these natural and effective cough remedies and get rid of cough.


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