YSR’s death gave life to KCR – Jairam Ramesh

17 July 2016

Jairam Ramesh, well known as an Indian economist and politician belonging to Indian National Congress and also a Member of Parliament representing the state of Andhra Pradesh in the Rajya Sabha since June 2004. He was a cabinet minister from the ruling Congress party during 2014 when the Andhra Pradesh state’s forceful bifurcation happened. Also Jairam played a vital role in the bifurcation process through drafting the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act. Now he penned a book called ‘Old History, New Geography’ which has created some sensation within the political circles. He made quite a few interesting comments about the AP State’s bifurcation, how did it happen, whose plans were what, who gained what and who lost what with the division during the event of releasing his book conducted by the Manthan foundation.

He referred the AP state’s bifurcation as an ‘unmitigated disaster’ and a ‘spectacular self-goal’ act master planned by the Congress party which was horribly destroyed in both the states politically.

Jairam also quoted that If KCR had been welcomed into the Cabinet by Naidu? If YSR was not died in an accident, things would have been completely in a different shape. He mentioned that YS Rajashekar Reddy’s death simply gave life to KCR” With a slight tint of unhappiness, Jairam Ramesh accepted that Congress is totally wiped out of Andhra Pradesh and is now literally on the verge of disappearance in the state of Telangana.

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