YSR CP behind Tuni Kapu Garjana violence?

9 March 2016

As we all know, AP Government has given the Tuni Violence case to CID to investigate and bring the perpetrators to justice. Right from the start, there were allegations that Tuni Kapu Garjana meet is funded by YSR Congress party. If reports are to be believed, YSR Congress leader, Bhumana Karunakara Reddy plotted the violence after the meeting in Tuni. The violence that erupted had costed around 100 crores for government.


Several bogies of Ratnachal Express are burnt which itself costed railways around 30 crores. Around 70 cases were booked regarding this incident. CID investigated the whole incident and were of the opinion that the train burning event is not spontaneous and was planned well ahead. Seems CID got some concrete evidence and going by the rumors in the political circle, CID may serve notices to Karunakar Reddy anytime and an arrest also seems possible. 


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