YS Jagan fruitless efforts on AP Special status

9 August 2016

Sometimes, the amount of efforts made by the politicians in order to get the people’s attention, to gain the people’s confidence and to get the political mileage goes so awkward and becomes terribly useless.

A similar stuff is being done by YSRCP boss, YS Jagan on the name of AP state special status agitation. He had been relentlessly tried to corner AP CM Chandrababu Naidu by claiming that he had not been trying to properly negotiate with the central government on this issue. YS Jagan even pointed that Chandrababu Naidu’s poor English costed the state as Babu was not able to present the special status issue to the national leaders properly.

Recently, after the union government gave some clarity that it was not fully in agreement to provide special status to Andhra Pradesh in the Parliament, YS Jagan has started a new strategy of reposting the negative propaganda on the AP CM Chandrababu Naidu's failure in getting special status to the state.

Jagan made a special trip to the country capital, visited the party leaders of various political parties to explain the difficulties being faced by AP and the delay in awarding the special status.

As a part of his tour, recently Jagan met President Pranab Mukherjee requesting his active intervention in resolving the issue. Later he met the CPI National Secretary D Raja and brought to his notice about Naidu's failure in fulfilling the promises made by him. Jagan is also planning to meet many other leaders of the communist party, senior congress leaders and even few BJP members. Though his effort may show some movement in the current stagnated situation, many politicians including his own party leaders discoursing that there is no use of Jagan meeting the leaders and other political figures as he has already lost the trust factor in the Centre and even Andhra Pradesh people also have slowed down in taking him seriously after his own failures in putting pressure on the state and central governments. Apart from that the pressure what Jagan can put can be nowhere when compared with the efforts what the AP CM can put on the center or the amount of influence what AP CM can apply on central government.

Anyways, let’s see if there will be any movement at the center in regards to Special Status. 

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