YS Jagan questions CBN on Black money issue

14 October 2016

Naturally, as soon as Chandrababu talked about an anonymous Hyderabad individual who has declared 10,000 Crores of his black money under Income Declaration Scheme (IDS-2016), Jagan has raised a serious question. The question was How did Chandrababu got to know about it? Jagan has shown his surprise by asking how did Naidu came to know about the exact amount of the black money declaration from this particular Hyderabadi individual when the law says the names or details cannot be disclosed to the public. He also has elongated his question with some more additional queries that when central government has not released any region-wise income tax declaration, how did CBN come to know about this. If he can come to know, why would others are not entitled to know this info. Jagan with no hesitation asked his questions to Modi in a letter format.


Nevertheless, whether Jagan is the right person or not to ask this question, but public may think that this question may be a right question to be asked.


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