AP Special Status - Y S Jagan and his insecurity feeling

26 July 2016

Now the special status of AP is taking a rapid take-off. It is getting into an intensive lime light under the witness of Indian parliament itself. A clear cut political crookedness is clearly visible openly. Congress party who played a dirty game to bifurcate Andhra Pradesh state ruthlessly during 2014 is now acting very hard for the sake of AP’s special status. Since they were thrown out of AP during the 2014 general elections, they are now trying to make use of the special status case to the extent in order to gain as much political mileage as possible.

On the other hand, YS Jagan and his party have been trying many things to prove themselves as a credible and authentic opposition party against the ruling TDP. All this has failed at every instance so far. Now, Jagan & Co are unable to digest the fact that Congress is moving cunningly to become active once again in Andhra Pradesh by utilizing the special status weapon.

In the recent development, Congress party is all set to push the Special Status sentiment in Rajya Sabha by pressuring the ruling BJP. Congress is not at all ready to give-up this. With this, as an opposition leader, Jagan suffered from anxiety as he could not make the first move in this case. Now he is little scared to Congress party and very closely observing its every move.

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