Who sent this Kerchief Gang to Tuni?

3 February 2016

There are few interesting and exclusive video clippings of Tuni’s Kapu garjana violence came into light by ABN Andhra Jyothi news channel on Tuesday night. These clippings are to some extent revealing the truth behind this unprecedented destruction conducted by a mob during the rally.

It was a group of at least 100 individuals with kerchief covered faces started destroying the Ratnachal train right after the provocative speech of Mudragada Padmanabham. It is almost evident that this was a preplanned violence. This Kerchief group slowly moved towards the train which was just stopped by the activists, few of them started throwing the stones on the train, made the passengers panic, broke the windows with iron rods and tools, forced all the passengers to get down the train, afire bogie by bogie and burned the whole train eventually. AP Police have already made a progress in this case by identifying couple of vehicles used by this kerchief gang. It has been already identified that the gang members are from Kadapa and Kurnool districts. Intelligence department is in the process of getting into the bottom of it to identify the real forces involved behind sending these anti-social elements to create violence and distruction.

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