What Pawan Kalyan wants to do next?

30 August 2016

Vijayawada: After conducting an instant public meeting in Tirupati last week, Jana Sena Party president and Telugu Cinema hero, Pawan Kalyan has created a doubt in the public circles that whether he is really serious to develop his Jana Sena party as a strong political force. He got multiple opportunities from the past 2 years but looks like he never even tried to utilize them as the steps of his political ladder.

Many opportunities came his way to increase his political mileage in the past two years but Pawan made himself very limited except making some online tweets with his common buzz words. During his Tirupati meeting, he also took a ride of the ruling TDP to task for "not fighting" against the Centre on the issue. But at the same time, he has remained silent over several months on the same topic earlier. There had been talk in political circles that the BJP might be luring Pawan and possibly, his eldest brother Chiranjeevi into its fold with a larger plan to tame the TDP, winning the goodwill of the Kapu people. Though, Pawan has grandly announced his new party Jana Sena Two years ago, the party still could not gain any confidence from the people as it has been literally in doing nothing since its launching. So the future plans of Power Star, Pawan Kalyan did not take any concrete shape yet.

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