Why Vizag protests failed?

26 January 2017

Ahead of the planned peaceful protest for AP Special status, Jana Sena President Pawan Kalyan who one can say gave momentum to this movement on social media declared that if central government and state government stops the protests, they should also get ready for a long drawn battle of Andhraites for rights.


After taking a cue from Tamil Nadu’s Jallikattu protest and with all the huge cry on social media ,YSRCP Party openly supporting the protests in Vizag,  #APDemandsspecialstatus protests are huge flop.


There are many reasons for the failure of #APDemadsSpecialstatus.  On the other hand, this planned protest failed to garner atleast national media attention.  


1.       State Government has taken enough steps to stop this protest. Main reason was the political tough to this event. Janasena President spearheaded the movement on twitter.  Government became very serious after YS Jagan’s entry. At this point of time, Ruling TDP Government doesn’t want YSR CP to regain the lost glory and was very determined to suppress the movement at any cost.


2.       Jallikattu was successful because of the huge participation of the people. Not only the movement spread like wild fire on social media, people of all walks of life has participated in this Jalikkatu protests. IT Employees, government employees, students, NGO’s and other nonprofit organizations gave enough publicity and participated in this protests.


The numbers are the biggest failure for Vizag protest.  Very less numbers – Pawan Kalyan fans and few students turned up for the protest.  There was no proper coordination between the people who supported this protest. There was no organizer for this protests.  No unity on how to organize, where to start and how to gather the numbers are few drawbacks.


3.       No celebrity touch. All the Tollywood starts who supported confined to twitter only.  No one physically tried to participate in the event. Huge police present and by imposing section 144 in the city, police department make sure that there is no gathering in the city.


4.       The decision to conduct the protest on Republic day itself is the wrong decision. Many thought that there would be touch of national integration to this protest but failed to realize that Republic date is a very event in Vizag and there are many important events conducted in the city.  Navy hosts important event every Republic day in Vizag. Many deligates from various countries participate in the event. With most of the families in Vizag are from Navy, there was no interest on the event with family heads preparing themselves from this Navy meet.  

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