Venkatagiri MLA Kurugondla Ramakrishna Boothulu on TV9 Interview

7 August 2016

Well, Politicians these days should have control on themselves else they will get themselves into trouble with the present journalism.

One of the classic example is of TDP Venkatagiri MLA Kurugondla Ramakrishna’s TV9 Interview. He not only failed to explain his stand on various allegations that are levelled against him but also lost his cool broke flower vase and used foul language on the reporter which is telecasted live on the TV9. This TV9 interview clips are shared and are viewed by people on social media extensively now. TV9 Reporter as a part of Mukha Mukhi program asked Kurugondla Ramakrishna about his involvement in Red Sandalwood smuggling and also that various complaints by contractors in Venkatagiri about the commissions collected by him.

As per the reports, Chandrababu Naidu was very upset with the way Kurugondla Ramakrishna did the interview and the foul language he used in the program. Chandrababu Naidu is of the view that it will defanately degrade the ruling Telugu Desam Party.  Chandrababu called upon Kurugondla Ramakrishna to Vijayawada and reportedly warned him of severe consequences if the act is repeated especially with Media.

Here is the TV9 Mukha Mukhi interview with Kurugondla Ramakrishna:

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