T-Congress opposes Pink Polling Booths

24 October 2018

Election Commission recently proposed the pink color to polling booths with a right intention of rising women’s awareness and better participation in the voting. EC wants to implement this concept in the Telangana state as it has become a cusses in the Karnataka state when they introduced this color to 450 booths earlier this year.


But, this act is now unexpectedly opposed by the Telangana Congress leaders as the pink color may influence the voters in favor of the ruling TRS party in the upcoming elections as the color of TRS backdrop is also pink color. During the Karnataka implementation, all these pink Booths were completely handled by the Women Crew and Women officers including the security personnel. T-Congress spokesperson, Sravan Dasoju wrote a letter to the Election Commissioner raising the objection on the same. State Congress leaders are curious to see what would be the outcome from the EC.

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