TDP’s Devender Goud joining TRS?

12 July 2016

Telangana TDP is closely watching Rajya Sabha MP, Devender Goud. TTDP had a small shock lately when Devender Goud offered 50 lakhs to KCR from his MP fund to spend on the proposed Ambedkar Statue in the Hyderabad city. This act of Devender Goud apparently creating lot of doubts on his loyalty towards KCR and TRS. Of course, there has been a parallel explanation elevated by another section of TTDP stating that this act of Devender Goud is just to secure the confidence of Dalits in his constituency and also Goud wants to construct a strong political base to his son, Veerender Goud for his future in politics.

At the same time, doubting Devender’s loyalty has also been justified because, he was one of the first TDP leaders in the past who jumped from TDP to join Prajyam Party. If Devender shifts again, it would be another major loss to TDP not only in Telangana but also in the state of Andhra Pradesh as he currently occupied the Rajya Sabha which is precious enough for any party to lose. However, Devender Goud has been ill since a long time and there is no surprise that if he seriously tries to set the direction of his and his son’s political career towards a safe heaven.

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