Roja fires on Peethala Sujatha!

13 January 2016

YSRCP Nagari MLA Roja has come back to the headlines by jumping onto the AP Minster Peethala Sujatha. Roja and Peethala Sujatha on Tuesday in Vijayawada engaged in a verbal war. Roja pounded out at Peethala Sujatha by questioning why the Minister is wasting the time in criticizing her instead of eradicating the atrocities on women and also for not coming in support of women who suffered in the Call Money sex scandal. Also Roja added that the Minister, Peethala Sujatha has a plenty of time to target her instead.

Responding to the claims made by Roja, Peethala Sujatha warned the MLA to stop making such unreal allegations because people would react violently on her similar to what Roja experienced recently The Minister further stated that Roja did not change a bit even after 1 year suspension from the AP assembly.

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