Rohit’s suicide leads to a Political wildfire

19 January 2016

The suicide of Vemula Rohit Chakravarti, as expected turned into an overwhelming political stunt in the Hyderabad City and flooded throughout the country within 24 hours after his death. Rohit was a research scholar in ‘University of Hyderabad’ already became well-known as “a Dalit research scholar” by our leftist dominated Indian Media.

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Rohith committed suicide on Sunday by hanging himself at the university hostel. In his suicide notes, he clearly mentioned to the police that, do not blame anyone for his death and no one was responsible for his act. However, looks like no one cared about his death statement and his suicide has turned into a political wildfire. Several leftist political parties like Congress, CPI and CPM as well as TRS jumped in to the burial ground and made it as their own playground. They demanded the central government to take the action against the people who caused Rohit to commit suicide.

If the victim was not from an SC/ ST community, this scene would not have been painted by these many colors. While the Centre arranged a two-member committee to probe into the issue, Chairman of SC/ ST Commission of India Dr. P.L.Punia visited the university and interacted with the students over the issue.

Meanwhile, the Student Unions from JNTU and Delhi University made a massive demonstration in front of the Ministry seeking strict action against the ABVP leaders.

Acting upon a complaint lodged by the scholars of the Central University, the Gachibowli police registered cases under SC/ ST Atrocities on central union minister, Dattatreya, BJP MLC, N Rama Chander Rao, University Vice Chancellor, Appa Rao and few other members of ABVP.

However, Ramchader Rao said that there was no reason to book cases under the SC/ ST Atrocities and also he added that the note left by Rohit said that no one was responsible for his death. It is just a game being played by the left-wing students to denigrate the fame of BJP government.

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