RGV blames Telangana Government

27 July 2017

Ram Gopal Varma blames Telangana excise and enforcement department for spoiling the reputation of the state and Hyderabad city in reference to the daily interrogations of the Cinema people that are being conducted by the Special Investigation Teams to find out their alleged links with drug mafia. As usual he has chosen the social media platform, fired series of messages on the facebook wall late Monday evening. He lashed out at the Telangana government for damaging the reputation of the state and the city with their over enthusiastic approach in dealing the case. He raised a strange doubt that whether the state government has involved in some kind of a big scam and diverting the public and media attention by drawing it through the celebrities.


RGV also added that Mumbai people are asking him they never knew that Hyderabad is so bad. I hope making a national drama of targeting a few individuals is really worth spoiling reputation of entire Telangana state,” he said. Also in his words, “Sum total feeling I got from Mumbai people is how very much high Rajamouli elevated the Telugu states prestige in entire India with Akun Sabarwal (another Bahubali) and his team brought it that much down in the eyes of entire India,” he posted. He further said: “Mumbai people admired KCR like anything and now they are shocked that what doesn't happen even in Bollywood and also Mumbai and Punjab schools is happening in TRS government in Hyderabad schools ..I wish as a proud citizen of Hyderabad that responsible people like Akun Sabarwal and Chandravadan will save reputation of KCR and Telangana state in the eyes of rest of india.. I am sincierely hoping their SIT will set the wrong things in the right way.”

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