Well, Rahul Gandhi sleeps again!!

21 July 2016

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi earlier was caught sleeping in the Lok Sabha. There was huge cry and troll on social media on this. Now again, Rahul Gandhi was caught on the Lok Sabha TV with eyes closed and appeared to be catching forty winks when Home Minister Rajnath Singh was replying to a short discussion on the issue of attack by vigilantes on Dalit youths who were skinning a dead cow in Una in Gir-Somnath district. BJP trolled him by saying he is only interested in doing politics on Dalits not in getting them justice.  BSP Chief Mayawati said it showed how serious Rahul Gandhi was about Dalits.


High-light to all this discussion is the explanation given by our own Andhra Pradesh Congress MP Renuka Chowdhury. She said Rahul Gandhi was just closing eyes for moisture to cool off his eyes that were tired with hot sun. “He (Gandhi) was not sleeping. How can someone sleep amidst so much noise? It is so hot outside and we close our eyes inside the House to relax and get relief from the burning sensation caused after standing in sun for long outside” Well, that’s Rahul Gandhi way of getting relaxed folks!!! 


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