AP Special status: Purandeswari finds fault with TDP and its leaders

14 August 2016

Former Union Minister and BJP Leader D Purandeswari finds fault with AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu and TDP Leaders for making statements on Special status with out realizing the ground relalities and the technical problems that are associated with Special status issue. Purandeswari mentioned that it’s very easy for the ruling BJP government to grant special status to Andhra Pradesh but there are as many as 13 states which are requesting for the same status. She said that Special status is something that needs to be discussed in more scientific manner. She asked Chandrababu Naidu first to speak to the other 13 states that are also requesting for Special status before putting pressure on the central government. Purandeswari said that BJP led central government already granted 4000 crores for Polavaram Project and promised to grand few more thousand crores in the future.

Well, Purandeswari somehow missed the total fact that Andhra Pradesh is a result of division of United Andhra Pradesh into 2 separate states. AP is now reeling under high financial pressure to support it’s employees and the government schemes. BJP itself promised Special status as soon as it comes to power. State leaders like Purandeswari who fought from AP Vishakhapatnam ticket should work hard for getting special status instead should not talk irrelevant things like bringing other 13 states to table to discuss. Well, Special status is not to get more funds from center, it’s a way of helping a new state to stand on its feet with in 5 years. 

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