Professor Kodandaram Arrested

26 July 2016

As it is well-known that every opposition party is facing a pathetic situation and starving to keep their very identity in front of the gigantic ruling TRS party. So, to show that they are still alive, all the Telangana Opposition Parties have called for a Bandh in Medak District against to the Lathi charge done on farmers who are opposing the Mallanna Sagar Project. The bandh was held peaceful with the cooperation of people. But on the other hand, the TRS government had imposed Section 144 on Siddipet, Erravalli, and Vemulaghat villages to suppress the Bandh effect.

The notable part of this event is the arrest of TJAC Chairman Kodandaram and the other leaders at Ontimamidi while they were on their way to Mallanna Sagar village to express their solidarity to the agitators who is opposing the current design of the project. It is known that the TRS leaders have been attacking Kodandaram from all the sides by criticizing and countering every statement which is coming from his mouth in recent times. However, Kodandaram clarified that he will not care any sort of comments done by the ministers.

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