Pawan Kalyan doing political suicide?

4 August 2016

Janasena chief, Pawan Kalyan seems to be laidback in politics. Looks like he is not able to utilize the vacuum created by the congress party, YSRCP and TDP in the state. Because of Sonia Gandhi's wrong judgement in Andhra Pradesh state bifurcation, congress party is washed out from the state. Though TDP is Power, Chandrababu is becoming a sandwich between the opposition parties and central government in regards of bringing enough funds to the state. Likewise, BJP is also facing criticism in the case of delay in AP special status provision.  At the same time, Jagan Mohan Reddy's YSRCP is also facing the wrath of the people and Jagan by himself drowned neck deep into his own scams and his own mlas/mp’s leaving the party.

Now the question is, can Power Star Pawan Kalyan who elevated lot of hopes during the last elections to fill the political vacuum. Later Pawan also expressed few times about his desire in strengthening his Jana Sena party for the upcoming 2019 elections. But things don’t seem to be like that practically, as his recent calmness is being targeted by other political parties. Political Pundits say that the time is running out for Pawan Kalyan and if Pawan misses the current golden opportunity, he can never be able to move to the higher steps from where he is right now.

Let’s wait and watch. 

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