Interval to Politics and Lights-on to Katamarayudu

12 September 2016

It is cosmic law. Anything comes and goes, whether it is rain or train or toofan or Pawan Kalyan. From the past 4 weeks, whatever may be the newspaper or TV channel or whatever a common man talks, the lion’s part had been about power star Pawan Kalyani. This was just because of his recent meetings in Turupati and Kakinada conducted to bombard the state and center governments for their incompetence of issuing the special status to AP. It’s time for Superstorm to leave for its own business. This political actor is now all set to leave for Bangalore for a week for his fitness management as a part of the preparation to his next move, Katamarayudu which hits the floor on the 20th of this month.

Once the movie gets in progress, it is obviously difficult for Pawan to say exactly when would he be able to find some time to show his excitement about the Andhra Pradesh state and its problems. However, this is time for him to say pack-up for his current political episode. Next episode may continue later this year or may be in the beginning of next year with a continues or a different story line.

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