Nenu Manam Janam – By Pawan Kalyan

13 September 2016

Being a ferocious book reader who probably finished reading at least 2 lakhs of books so far, the cine hero cum political leader, Power Star Pawan Kalyan has now announced to write another book which has been titled as ‘Nenu Manam Janam’ with a tag line, “Marpukosam Yuddham”. He wants to write this book in order to spread his party, Jana Sena’s ideology. Naturally there is a huge expectation started building-up on this book from his fan groups.

However, his first book called ‘Ism’ which Pawan released apparently did not receive much response. This book gained a talk as nothing much about Jana Sena Party mentioned inside and also not much clarity provided regarding the future plans and road map of Jana Sena party.

Now Pawan wants to release his second book, mostly which will come out by next year where he wants to take more care about the content by filling-up the gaps created in his first book. The book will reflect- situations which caused and intentions of Pawan Kalyan to float political party, future actions of Jana Sena and goals they want to achieve. As per Pawan, the upcoming book will be simple in language and easily understandable than that of Pawan Kalyan's first book Ism.

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