Pawan Kalyan “Seemandhurla Atma Gourava Sabha” in Kakinada

6 September 2016

After receiving a good response to his recent public meeting at Tirupati, with an additional energy, Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan is doing all the arrangements to address a public meeting at Kakinada on September 9th. This meeting has been already named as 'Seemandhrula Atma Gaurava Sabha'. His stand at Tirupati was just bashing the central government’s stand towards approving the special status to the state of Andhra Pradesh.

As per the sources,it is believed that Pawan Kalyan will make a key announcement about his future course of action of his party. This political cine hero is expected to warn the state ruling Telugu Desam Party and the BJP on the same issue of Special Category Status, sources also stated that Pawan is likely to issue an ultimatum to the Central Government this time.

Pawan Kalyan is totally aware that Centre is currently in the process of finalizing the special deal and Pawan Kalyan is just following a perfect timing. If the special status is granted, people would think that Pawan Kalyan is the reason for granting the special status. At the same time, Pawan will also get a chance a to overtake Jagan’s action in the special status deal.

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