Pawan Kalyan Kakinada Meeting highlights

10 September 2016

Seemandgrula Atmagauravam meeting held in Kakinada on Friday by Pawan Kalyan has declared a war on BJP and TDP. This meeting was not that subtle when compared to Tirupati.

During his one-hour long speech, Pawan had mainly targeted the BJP government and especially, Union Minister M Venkaiah Naidu for deceiving the state in issuing the special category status.

Pawan Kalyan said that TDP has been committing several mistakes from the past 2 years and it should learn now how the state is getting effected because of their neutral stands against the central government. He said that the BJP government had promised lot of things before the elections and finally after forming the central government, thay have given just 2 rotten Laddus to the AP state and Pawan said that TDP government should not accept those rotten Laddus.

Revealing his future plans, Pawan made it clear that he would like to work hand in hand with the left-wing parties in order to safe guard the State’s interests. He also appreciated the clear stands took by CPM .

During his speech, Pawan bashed the local TDP MP, Avanti Srinivas for his underperformance as an MP regarding the special category.  Pawan, had sharpened his political attack this time.

He said, “Srinivas need not resign to send me to Parliament. If he is sincere about achieving Special status , then he should resign for the sake of people and prove his sincerity. The Jana Sena will then take up the responsibility of ensuring his victory if he contests again and I will campaign for him.”

Referring to TG Venkatesh who said he is a Kumbakarna, Pawan Kalyan said he is not an political opportunist like him and said that industries owned by TG Venkatesh were causing lot of environmental pollution.

Pawan said that his fight was against the “Egoistic” attitude of north towards the south. He mentioned that two national parties, the ruling BJP and wiped out Congress never even bothered to visit Andhra Pradesh to apologize the people for having caused so many problems.

Quoting about the to the style of speeches made by Venkaiah Naidu, Pawan said that before elections he spoke in a language that even people in remote areas could understand. But now when the real issue of Special status has cropped up, he was using technical terms which the common man does not understand. “What we would like to know clearly is will you or will you not give special category status to Andhra Pradesh,” Pawan emphasized.

In Pawan’s own words “Venkaiah Garu, I am very angry with your policies. It is time for you to stand up and fight for the people of the state. If you fail to do so, people will blame you for going back on your promises. It is time to give up opportunistic politics,” he suggested.

Calling upon all political parties to stop enacting drama, he said he would enter the scene if they fail. “I don’t believe in enacting drama and I know how to achieve our goals,” he said.

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