Pawan Kalyan at Jana Sena 3rd anniversary celebrations

14 March 2017

Jana Sena party celebrated its third anniversary on Tuesday. Jana Sena founder and actor Pawan Kalyan announced that his party will be fighting 2019 general elections in both the states, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Pawan Kalyan unveiled Jana Sena Party’s website on this occasion.


Pawan Kalyan also made it clear that his brother, Congress MP, Chiranjeevi won’t be joining his party. He mentioned that their ideologies are different. Pawan Kalyan said that Jana Sena main focus is to fight against the problem faced by general people and will work for the wellbeing of the people. He mentioned that Jana Sena party is looking for young and dynamic leaders who has people’s confidence. Pawan Kalyan mentioned the main agenda of Jana Sena party is to clean politics that is corrupted by money .


He mentioned that Jana Sena Pary would be very selective in admitting leaders from other parties and declared that he will be fighting the election from Ananthapur.


With Congress party almost wiped off from both the telugu states, especially in Andhra Pradesh, Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena would be looked at an alternative by people along with YSR CP. All will depend on Pawan Kalyan how he plans to take the ideologies of the party in to the people and how will prepare party to fight the 2019 general elections.  


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