Pawan Kalyan full speech at Harvard University

13 February 2017

Pawan Kalyan delivered his key note speech at India Conference held at Harvard University on Sunday. To the surprise of many, especially back at India, Pawan Kalyan proved himself that he is good orator when it comes to public speaking in English language. He gave a powerful speech at Harvard University without any fumble. He gave ample examples and cited what’s lagging in Indians, whose society is divided by Politicians on Caste, religion. He said People in South doesn’t know are least concerned about things happening in Nagaland, similarly those in Delhi are least bothered about people in South India. He added that it took six decades for the central governments to make a Nirbhaya Act only after a tragic incident happened in Delhi.  Pawan Kalyan sentences were very constructive and clear.


Pawan Kalyan also spoke at a Student Conference at Harvard Kennedy School.  

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