Pawan Kalyan, brand ambassador to Jeevadaan

1 August 2017


The AP CM, Nara Chandrababu Naidu highly praised the effort taken by Power Start, Pawan Kalyan on the Uddanam Kidney decease issue and requested him to be the brand ambassador for the state government initiative, "Jeevandaan". As per the sources, Pawan Kalyan has agreed to Naidu’s offer. On Monday, Pawan met Chandrababu Naidu and discussed regarding the kidney-related diseases in the Uddanam region of Srikakulam district. Afterwards, they met with a Harvard University team and a team of medical specialists from Andhra Pradesh who have been doing the research on this issue for several years. AP state’s health minister, Kamineni Srinivas also involved during this discussion, Pawan appreciated and expressed his satisfaction that has been done by the Telugu Desam party gtook part in the discussions.


Pawan Kalyan expressed satisfaction over the measures that are being taken by the government. There has been some mysterious phenomenon taken place in the Uddanam village area where at least 4,500 died so far suffering from a variety of kidney deceases. At least one member from every family out here suffers from a kidney decease. This has been going on since several years. various medical organizations visited this place, took the blood and other samples from the patients and conducted the a wide range of medical tests but could not come to any clear conclusion so far about the real reason behind this. A team from Harvard University had conducted a research in 2016 and found that excessive silica in the ground water is the main cause for the disease. The team also found that the water that is situated in that region is not at all in good quality and is not suitable for drinking and cultivation purposes.

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