No increase in assembly seats in AP, Telangana

1 December 2016

As it is well-known to everyone that the ruling parties of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana successfully carried out  the Operation Aakarsh. The ruling partys’ main motto is to intake every known leader from the opposition parties in order to wipe-out their very existence. At the time of bifurcation, the Congress government eye-washed the AP state and also Telangana stating that they will increase the number of Assembly constitutions on both ends after the bifurcation.


With this, the ruling governments of both Telugu States, started operation Aakarsh and promised the assembly seats to the other party leaders in order to attract and join them into their ruling parties. Now both the Telugu Chief Ministers are making moves to increase the number of assembly constituencies in their own states in order to accommodate the “Jumped leaders.


But, the Central Government gave a shock to the Telugu CMs in this regard. In response to a question recently asked by the TRS MP, B Narasaiah Goud in Lok Sabha, the Union minister for Home, Hansraj Gangram said that, 'in order to increase the number of constituencies in two Telugu states, an amendment to Article 170 in Constitution is a mandatory which seems to be very impossible at least until for next 10 years.


Just to attract the leaders from the other parties, both governments had liberally welcomed them promising a seat in the assembly. But this recent statement of the central minister will certainly give an impact on Babu and KCR. On the other hand, if they don’t fill these seats with the defectors, they increase their rivalry within their own parties with the new commers from the other parties who defected with the expectation of an assembly seat.

It will be interesting to see how the chief ministers of the Telugu States deal with the situation now. 

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