New Districts Inauguration may postpone in Telangana

28 September 2016


The State Government of Telangana had planned to reorganize the administrative structure by having a total number of 27 districts by creating 17 more new districts out of 10 existing districts. As per the initial plan by the TRS government, the state was to inaugurate their functioning on Dasara day. In the meantime, there has been torrential rainfall recorded in the capital city causing a major damage to the public’s life, government and private assets. Because of this, most of the government officials related civil services became very busy with the flood relief works and could not accommodate any time in order to make preparations to execute the scheduled reorganization of the districts.

However, the postponement of the inauguration of new districts are not officially commented or disclosed or confirmed. But as per the close sources, it has almost been evident that the current top priority of the Telangana state government is not the reorganization of the districts but tackling the damage that is caused due to the recent heavy rains and flooding. All the ministers and officials are currently focusing on their territories to monitor the relief and rescue operations. But, allegedly, CM KCR is little disappointed of this postponement proposal. It was initially planned on 2nd of June which did not happen and later it was planned for Dasara which is also now subjected to a doubtful situation.

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