Nayeem’s political and police friends to be exposed

19 October 2016

Ever since the gangster Nayeem was encountered to death, at least there are 150 cases booked and more than 100 people are taken into the custody to interrogate. There has been a high suspense involved since his death in regards to the names of several politicians and even police officers who were allegedly involved in the mafia activities along with Nayeem. The names include police officials in the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police and Circle Inspectors, Srinivas, Mastani and venkat Reddy were among other police officials’ names figured in report. On top of it, quiet shockingly, Telangana Legislative Council Vice Chairman N Vidyasagar Rao's name has also appeared in the Nayeem’s mafia investigation. Especially, the investigating team has traced Naeem’s diary in which at least 15 IAS officers’ names are allegedly appeared in it. There are several police persons’ names right from lower cadre constable to the top order officers’ names also present in there.

As per the official sources, orders were passed to arrest at least 13 police personnel to surrender their service revolvers. The Special Investigating Team which geared-up the scrutinizing process, started issuing notices to several individuals whose names are figured out recently. As per the trusted sources, there are several ruling TRS party leaders’ names, public representatives’ names, mainly from Nalgonda district are popping-up during the investigating process. Public is carefully watching the progress of this case as there are lot of famous that are associated with Nayeem, his underground mafia and his Binamees that are waiting to be appeared soon.

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