Mudradaga and wife starts fast onto death

5 February 2016

TDP Government’s soothing words on Kapu BC list inclusion could not stop Mudragada Padmanabham from his hunger fasting decision. This Kapu leader started his indefinite fast along with his wife Padmavathi demanding the reservations for Kapu community. He is performing thus at his residence in Kirlampudi in the East Godavari District. His death fast has forced the Police to execute section 144 across in the entire East Godavari district.

Wife and husband started the Deeksha at 9 a.m. on Friday Morning as per the pre-determined schedule, high tensions raised and heavy police restrictions have been applied on the supporters that are coming into the place of fasting from various places across state. Police have been taking every precaution to avoid any unwanted mess, as a part of it, they have closed the main gates of his house to stop crowed reaching him caused some tensions between the police and Mudragada’s supporters.

Since last 24 hours, there has been a high drama carried out, earlier, CM Chandrababu his MLAs to Mudragada’s residence. Thota Trimurthulu, Boddu Bhaskara Rama Rao and Bonda Uma met him at his house and said that the AP Government was committed to implement reservations for Kapus and they initiate the GO as soon as soon as Justince Manjunatha submits his report to the Government.

Mudragada Padmanabham was not convinced with their answer and he straightly expressed them his disbelief towards the truthfulness of the government and finally continued with his decision of starting his fasting. He initiated the same agitation even 20 years ago on the same cause and of course which did not yield any result since then. We must wait see what could be the next steps.

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