Grant Special Status to AP, but for Telangana also – MP Kalvakuntla Kavitha

19 August 2016

Nizamabad MP, Telangana CM, KCR’s daughter, Kalvakuntla Kavitha has once again shown her conceit over Andhra Pradesh. Kavitha made it clear that Telangana Government will not oppose if Centre wishes to grant Special Category Status to AP. Don’t get surprised. She immediately put a clause that Telangana should also get the same package and benefits whatever Andhra Pradesh is going to receive. As it is known that the very existence of TRS lies only in showcasing a continuous, unbroken and unshaken un-willingness, un-favorableness and dis-likeness towards Andhra Pradesh and anything related to it. No one was sure how one of the richest states in India and one of the poorest states in India which doesn’t even have a capital city of its own should get the same package!!! The Amazing part is, Kavitha said that if AP is a new state, Telangana is also a new state and it should be also treated in the same manner as the AP state is being treated.

Kavitha demanded Centre to extend a financial assistance to AIIMS, Mission Bhageeratha and other irrigation projects. However, the TRS MP welcomed the movement initiated by the people of AP for the special status. On Thursday, Kavitha visited Nandigama in Krishna District to attend a function. She received a warm welcome by the people of this town and Kavitha told that the affection shown by people of Nandigama is extraordinary and just unforgettable.

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